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Thank you for your interest!  Your manual's not in the mail yet though!  Below is the "Mailing Information" and "Contact Information" for your order. But you might not have to fill it out (aren't you excited! :D). When you send us an order through Paypal® we receive the name, shipping address, and contact information of the account holder (which is most likely you.) So, if you are ordering this Debate Manual for yourself then we can just use the Paypal® information that is in your Paypal® account. Therefore, you don't need to fill out any of the information below if you don't want to (Yea!). You can just click the circle and hit submit! (After you read the rest of this fun stuff, of course...)

Please note: Submitting this order form does NOT finalize your order. Clicking "Submit" will send you to the Paypal® website. Once there it would be great if you would:

1. Put $18 for the unit price (that is, $15 for the manual and $3 for the shipping and handling).
2. Log in to your existing Paypal® account OR use a major credit card to complete your order.
3. If you do not have a Paypal® account and are paying with a major credit card, please fill in all the required fields (including putting your mailing address in the field that says: "Billing Address Line 1 (and 2 if needed)")
4. Review your order and continue to finalize.
5. Wait anxiously and excitedly for your colorfully informative Debate Manual! Are you as excited as we are?! :D Probably not... :/(one can dream though right?)

After your payment of $18 USD has been received and cleared, your Debate Manual will be shipped as soon as possible.

Lastly, just for clarification, the information below is for if you want this item shipped to someone other than yourself or if you will be unable to be contacted using the contact information that is in your Paypal® account for the duration of your active order. Confused? We hope not. If you are though, you can visit our FAQ or feel free to send any other questions or comments you might have to

Thank you so much!
-The Unleashing Your Voice! Team

If you would like to order multiple copies of the Debate Manual
If you are buying from anywhere other than the U.S.

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Debate Manual ($18)


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