Personal Coaching and Mentoring

Using an online classroom, UYV! now offers personal coaching in public speaking, writing, scholar phase studies, and mentoring skills.  Appointments can be scheduled weekly or bi-weekly.  To discuss your individual needs and find out schedule availability please email   Initial mentoring commitment is six sessions.

6 Hours of Personal Mentoring by Kathy Mellor

$ 150.00 USD

Kathy offers liberal arts mentoring, public speaking coaching, writing coaching, and life coaching for Apprentice and Self-Directed Scholars of all ages.  Allow her to bring your life and your education to the next level!

Email for appointment availability.



Testimonials from some of the geniuses I work with:

“Kathy is a skilled mentor who knows how to identify where you are, what you need, and help you create a plan for to move forward. She is supportive and kind yet direct and tough at the same time. The mix has been an inspiration to keep me moving forward through tough challenges.  I have witnessed her gift not only in how she has worked with me, but also with others.  She truly knows how to "unleash" the gifts and talents of each individual she works with.”

Angela Baker, Utah

“Kathy is a master mentor.  I was looking for help with public speaking, but I've found her talent and experience to be like Mary Poppin's carpet bag—never ending.  She's supportive and encouraging and at the same time stretches you to your limits and pulls more out of you than you thought was there.  I would recommend Kathy to anyone who desires to refine and empower their future.”

Melanie Ballard, Utah

“Kathy has helped me see each of my mentees as individuals who have gifts and missions to share with the world and helped me realize the gift it is to mentor. I have experienced firsthand her speech/debate workshop, mentor training at Leadership Education Mentoring Institute, presentations at the Thomas Jefferson Education forum, her on-line mentoring courses, and mentoring my own daughter. She has had more influence on the way that I personally mentor than any single person, and I continue to seek her advice and knowledge. She gives me hands-on tools that I can really use as I mentor. She is able to ask just the right questions to teach. She is amazing at drawing on her experiences and the lives of the "greats" to reinforce the concept she is teaching. She helps my daughter gain vision and gives her the tools she needs to reach her goals and aspirations. She is a master at opening up the mentee to being taught and then teaching with insight and clarity.” Kami Harris, Idaho

 “I believe we all have the inborn ability to recognize truth. Being able to see, apply and obtain truth personally and internally in order to become what God has created me to become is another aspect. My experiences with Kathy have been self-reflecting and enlightening. She has drawn out truths and perceptions I have and believe, thus enabling me to know and recognize the right next step in my journey as a mentor, a mother, a wife and as a daughter of God.”

M.S., Nevada

“Mentoring with Kathy has been such a huge blessing to my life.  Just the right amounts of encouragement and direction to do my next right thing.  And just the right questions for me to think about when I hesitate or procrastinate. :)  My life and my family's life has improved for it!  I can't wait to see what comes next!”

Crystal Coleman, California

“Kathy and I have worked together for some time and I have seen her have an amazing influence on hundreds of youth and adults, including myself.  You see, there are many different mentors in the world.  And if you want one that will teach you some handy skills or get you to read a good book or two, most any mentor will do.  If you want a mentor that will change your life and help sculpt you into a leader you never knew you could become—choose Kathy Mellor.”  

Nate Bothwell (Unleashing Your Voice! coach and former student) 


“Kathy has given me direction in pursuing dreams and goals with her personal mentoring and has helped me to develop impeccable speaking skills. In addition to having the skills needed to capture the audience, I have a voice. Which, I believe, to be the most significant thing about Kathy's mentoring.  She has the tools to help any willing person to overcome their fears and face life with goals, passion and determination to make a difference in the world. My life is merely beginning and I see before me a land of opportunity and hope and a majority of this outlook I have obtained is due to the mentoring Kathy has so willingly given to me.”

Arriana Harrison (Unleashing Your Voice! coach and former student)


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