Freedom! A Simulation

$ 30.00 USD

Do you need a simulation that will inspire youth or adults to make take their education seriously?  How about to help them see the connection between their education and their freedom?  This simulation has everthing you need (except refreshments and a piece of tape) to give a transformational experience for up to 10 participants.  This seminar has been done in dozens of communities for both youth and adults in groups from 6 to 90!  There is a 16-page guide included that will teach you how to improve your mentoring with simulations. 

Freedom! Extra participant packets

$ 1.50 USD

If your group is larger than 10, order the number of extra simulation packets you need.

Public Speaking Workbook

No Image Available

$ 18 USD

The Unleashing Your Voice! student workbook covers everything from brainstorming a topic to writing a speech one part at a time.  There are exercises to overcome common distractions. And there is a heap load of humor to make owning your own speaking style a lot more fun!  This guide can be used in a class or as a stand alone resource.


Unleashing Your Choice! Debate Manual

$ 18.00 USD

Our debate manual will help you understand the role of logic, storytelling, and sound argumentation in any form of debate.  It will also teach you the basics of Policy format and how to run a Worlds Format debate (our personal favorite because it builds the skills of leaders and people who want to have real impact!)  It contains original forms to make teaching and judging debate much simpler.  Allow the author, Nate Bothwell, to teach you how to be a debater or a judge.

Transformational Debating DVD

$ 18.00 USD

This 2 1/2 hour DVD is meant to be a companion to Unleashing Your Choice! but would be useful to anyone interested in debate.  Producer Andrew Humiston teaches 8 lessons which will help you to understand the principles of argumentation and running Worlds Format.  Unique to this product is a judging criteria which can be used to instruct judges in scoring a debate.  Immerse yourself and experience two full-length Worlds Format debates which you can practice judging.  Buy now and watch your skills multiply!

Debate Manual and DVD Combo

$ 28.00 USD

Buy both the Debate Manual and the DVD and save $8.00!! 

Harness the knowledge of two great debater/coaches and strengthen your ability to be a transformational communicator!

The Slightly Sarcastic (but totally useful!) Essay Exam Writing Guide

$ 5.00 USD

Taking essay exams (or Blue books as they are often called) can bring out a lot of stress in the writer.  Of course they are meant to do that and that is one of the reasons that they are such a good use of the testing environment.  This 5-page guide gives both the student and the mentor some concrete ways to make this experience more valuable.  Written by experienced scholar mentor Kathy Mellor and embellished by the very funny Nate Bothwell, this guide gives great guidance on enhancing the writer's power to communicate but doesn't overwhelm the reader with a lot of technicalities. (Did you catch the alliteration in that sentence? :)


Worldview Guide

$ 0.00 USD

The actual title of this guide, written by Kathy Mellor, is "Oh Come On! Do You Mean to Tell Me You Actually Believe That?"  This ten-page introduction to what worldviews are and how they impact our lives is emailed free to anyone who wants it. Unfortunately, Paypal won't allow you to buy it for nothing so if you don't have another order, please email us at to obtain a free copy. 


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