Your registration will not specify a city.  We will use your address to determine which seminar you are attending and confirm with your host.  If you have any concerns about being registered for the wrong location, feel free to send us an email at 

Unleashing Your Scholar!

$ 75.00 USD

This full day seminar will have you thinking, writing, and speaking! Come prepared to have fun and don't be suprised if you grow a little in the process!


Supercharge Your Mentoring!

$ 75.00 USD

Experience all EIGHT learning environments (and you thought there were only FIVE!)        

     Learn effective debriefing techniques to bring your mentees to their epiphanies.

·   Walk away with the confidence to create engaging classics-based projects for Love of Learning, Transition to Scholar, Practice Scholar, and Apprentice Scholar students.

·   Two FULL days of vision casting for creating and perpetuating a successful scholar phase culture.



Youth Registration

$ 65.00 USD

Join Unleashing Your Voice! for a fun-filled day of public speaking and debate.  You will walk away feeling inspired and more confident in your ability to stand up in front of an audience.  You will also get two chances to debate!  Price includes Student Workbook!


Adult Seminar

$ 90.00 USD

Learn to use the coaching environment more effectively while you grow in your own public speaking style.  You will also get a chance to debate and learn about judging two formats of debate.  This is a two-day training, you watch the youth receive coaching the first day and the second day is time dedicated to your own coaching.  Includes mentor manual which gives you the tools you need to teach speech in your own home or classroom!


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