I invite you to watch my song.  It speaks my feelings better than I have ever been able to do in words.  Kathy Mellor 

 Vocalist, Musician, and Composer

Heather Clinger

Creating songs that express your unique thoughts and feelings! 

A priceless gift for you or someone special in your life!

Personalized Song

$ 75.00 USD

Give a gift to yourself!  Pay tribute to a hero in your life! Or give an unforgettable gift for a special occasion!

Heather Clinger will contact you by email and discuss your song.

This purchase includes a rough demo of your song.  You decide if it meets your goals and further purchases are at your discretion.


Music Package

$ 125.00 USD

Upon completion of the song and your acceptance, a royalty sharing agreement will be signed by composer and purchaser.  You receive your song to keep, the sheet music will be provided for you.


Peformance Recording

$ 200.00 USD

Studio quality recording will be provided for you in MP3 files.  The price includes Heather making an instrumental track on the piano and a vocal/instrumental track.  This cost includes the price of the studio fees for recording.


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