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Need convincing? Here are more testimonials than you can shake a stick at! (And we didn't pay a single one of them!) Here are comments from adults, youth, and new and old friends alike who have experienced the things that you might be interested in experiencing: They have participated in the seminar; hosted it; watched it; and learned from it.

We sincerely hope that you will do the same.

Comments from Past Participants:
“I really am enjoying my speech class with Ms. Kathy and Nate. They are wonderful mentors. Nate's way of teaching is fantastic he combines comedy with the seriousness of how important it is to know how to speak in front of crowds. We have gone from impromptu speeches to prepared debates. Every moment of this class has been exciting and I have grown so much from their great advice.”

“Do it! It’s such an important skill and this is a great way to improve it. Put all you can into it and you’ll reap so much!! Well worth the time and money.”

“You made it feel like it was going to be really fun from the very beginning and it was fun I also felt like you really cared about us and liked us. Thanks.”

“They also add FUN in there, with jokes, funny speeches, and debates (which are always fun).All in all, a great class for anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills.”

“If you have an opportunity to take the class, don't blow your chance to do so.”

“It is great! I have learned a lot about many different things. I have been able to hone my speech skills and learn new methods such as telling jokes or stories in a comical, serious, or influential way. Kathy and Nate really make the class fun by having a curriculum where the students have a large say. They may assign us a speech, such as a persuasive speech, but the topic of our speech is up to each student. This allows each student to be passionate about what they're speaking about, helps us learn better (quicker, etc), and helps us as students to use think and formulate the BEST speech that we can.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being in this class. I have felt like I have learned a lot even about both public speaking and debating, and my skills have improved tremendously. Nate and Kathy teach with a style that is very engaging and personalized. The critique they give has mostly been positive and has greatly helped me to improve my speaking skills. I would strongly encourage anyone who is considering being mentored by Nate and Kathy to do so.”

“I LOVED the way you coached the kids! Watching both of you use your spiritual eyes to coach these kids was truly life changing. If I had learned nothing else it would have been worth it.”

“I loved everything! loved watching you two in action. I think Kathy could totally do it without Nate when he is on a mission, but I think there was TREMENDOUS benefit to doing it with such an incredibly well spoken young man who complements your humor so well. Even though I think I would have enjoyed either mentor (Kathy or Nate) individually, I enjoyed the tandem teaching. Learning by doing, Nate’s enthusiasm, Kathy’s confidence, classmates’ presentations [this participant also valued our seminar at $250 on her evaluation!] I think you did a great job. You two work together well and make a great balance. “

“This is an invigorating and fun way to build public speaking skills. I learned so much that I am excited to apply in my teaching. The instruction was careful to build and build positively without crushing our vulnerable spots. Through this, we were mentored to build those whom we mentor in a positive manner. Great invitation to speak out!”

“I've had a lot of different mentors in my life but I've never had any like Kathy and Nate! They just care about every member of the class so much and put so much hard work and time into mentoring us. They have so much knowledge and experience to share with us. It's especially great to be mentored by both of them since they each have a different style of both speaking and mentoring. Class is so fun that in a way, they seem like friends instead of just mentors. One thing that's inspiring about Nate is the fact that he's such a talented speaker, and he's not that much older than us. Before I began taking this class, I considered myself to be a very untalented speaker and thought I didn't have enough natural talent to learn. However, being in this class has given me a lot of hope! Every time I get up to speak in class I improve a little more. I've never had any mentors who made me believe more in myself or who made me feel so much at ease. I would never give up this experience and I am so glad I took the opportunity to be mentored by Kathy and Nate!

“I will be able to model public speaking skills as I teach them,” “…I think I could integrate it into my project [Shakespeare Conquest],” and “I plan on practicing this with my own kids.” Coaching public speaking is a great environment for teaching vision and mission as you help them find out what their message is and deliver it in a powerful and transformational way.”

“This is a must for those who are building their statesmen and leadership skills. To effectively lead you must be able to communicate.”

“You can’t miss this. It will help your mentoring tremendously and if you have conveyor belt damage you can learn to LOVE speaking. THANK YOU!”

“We all have moments and situations when clear communication serves our success and happiness. I found that practicing this art gave me confidence that the next time I’m offered an audience, I can speak with a passion that really helps transform others, not just inform them. I learned a lot about how to think about my audience and the best way to infuse them with my prepared speech in a way that is transformational.”

“I think parents should attend the youth portion instead of it being ‘optional.” What the parents observe the first day is incredible and you wouldn't want to miss it!

“This seminar was fun and effective. It provided practice and experience to evaluate “my voice” and helped me to find my voice.”

“It is definitely taught in a safe environment. Even though you give speeches it feels safe and okay to mess up/fail. You really learn a lot and will probably learn a lot about yourself.”

“Great, do it! It’s worth it, you learn and experience much. You’ll find areas to work on so it is worthwhile.”

“You will really learn how to speak well and practice some great skills! Good teachers, they love what they do!”

“Great to have participated. I am building a website which I would like to tell people to take your course, I hope to send you business.”

“The challenges, the nerves, the stress—Yes, I hate these uncomfortable feelings—BUT I survived! It felt great to get through my speaking parts and to learn something new…I thrived and listened to every little detail of your comments.”

“It is great. The workshop has been a very safe setting to practice the skills that were taught. I liked that I was able to choose the level of criticism that I was prepared to receive. Thank you! “

“It was life changing. I loved the personal coaching—the part I was most nervous about, I didn’t need to worry at all. I feel empowered! I feel like I have learned the skills I need to deliver my message.”

“Your seminar was excellent! This is a class that everyone can benefit from. .Thank you!”

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